How Should I Clean My Shingle Roof?

Shingle roofs are very fragile. Asphalt composite shingle is essentially a thick piece of paper dipped in tar with sand or gravel stuck to the exposed surface. This sand can easily loosen and separate from the shingle. The sand is what protects your underlayment and the “paper” the shingle is made from. Once the sand is removed, the sun will quickly dry out the tar and make your shingles brittle and prone to cracking.

So how do you safely remove mildew without removing the sand? Well, the manufacturers recommend using a chemical solution. By applying a solution to the roof, you can avoid damaging these delicate shingles. Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning works great at removing the mildew without harming the shingle. Because we don’t rinse off the roof after we apply the chemical, your roof will remain in new condition for many years.

Another benefit of our product is that it chemically dissolves mildew. Many other cleaning methods that require a rinse just “mow the lawn”. In other words, they just remove the surface mildew but leave behind mildew spores that quickly regrow on your roof’s surface. Because we are removing all the mildew, shingle roof cleanings typically last 7-10 years. This means over the life of the roof, you will only need a handful of cleanings, which is better for your budget and your roof.