How often should I clean my roof?

Several factors have to be considered when determining how often you should clean your roof. The first is what type of roof you have. We will start with concrete tile, which can vary from one type to the next. The most common concrete tiles are brushed, flat and barrel or s-tile. Brushed concrete tile has a rough finish and takes a long time to dry when wet. This means it requires more frequent cleanings, typically every two to three years or less depending on what type of cleaning is used. Flat concrete tile and barrel or s-tile are less porous and sometimes have a slurry or coating on the surface of the tile. When these tiles are new they usually will require there first cleaning at about five years. Pressure washing will erode the finish, which will reduce the amount of time between cleanings and ultimately over time require yearly cleanings. You can avoid etching your concrete roof tiles by utilizing our No Pressure Roof Cleaning system. By eliminating power washing you can expect to get three to five years out of every cleaning and extend the life of your roof.


The next type of roof we will discuss is asphalt composite shingle. This material is far more fragile than concrete tile. When first installed most shingle roofs will not require cleaning for seven to nine years. Unlike concrete tile it does not retain water and dry’s much faster when wet. High-pressure cleanings and even low pressure, which require a rinse, will destroy these delicate surfaces. Even the slightest rinse will loosen and remove the sandy gravel finish and expose the tar paper underneath to high heat from the sun. This will make the paper dry and brittle extending the time it takes to dry after rain. This results in more mildew growth per calendar year. Our No Pressure Roof Cleaning dissolves mildew without damaging the surface of asphalt composite shingles. Safe cleaning techniques will reduce the frequency of cleanings and extend the life of your roof.