No Pressure Roof Cleaning Coral Springs

What Is the Difference Between No Pressure Roof Cleaning and a Chemical Cleaning in Coral Springs?

We often get questions about whether or not our Coral Springs roof cleaning includes the use of chemicals. Chemicals have been overused and abused these past years in Coral Springs, so this is a valid concern. The truth is that almost every roof cleaning company does use chemicals to one degree or another. A cleaning without them would not be able to kill or remove the algae that grows on your roof, which would leave your roof still breaking down, making the roof cleaning a 100% waste of your time and money. However, it is important to note that the way in which a chemical is used during a roof cleaning should be considered.


During a high-pressure, chemical cleaning, your roof is greatly damaged because roofs are not meant to hold multiple tons of weight. Therefore this type of roof cleaning can already be crossed off as the best option. A light pressure washing, though better than a pressure washing, is still not the best option. A light washing takes two steps: spraying chemicals over the roof and then rinsing it all off once the algae begins to break down. This is a common cleaning practice in Coral Springs, but many do not realize that this means all of the chemicals from the roof have just been washed off and into your yard. No Pressure Roof Cleaning is the only alternative in Coral Springs that does not do any damage to your roof or yard. Our solution creates a foam on your roof that rises up the algae and then breaks it down. Because of this, the algae is dealt with separately and no damage is done to your roof. The foam then evaporates, only leaving a protective coating behind that stops more algae from forming in future.


This is why when it comes to the use of chemicals in a Coral Springs roof cleaning, the question isn’t are they used, but how are they used? The correct and safe use of chemicals is extremely important for those Coral Springs homeowners who truly care about their home and want the safest and best cleaning solution available.


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