Our Process

Why We Did It

When we developed our cleaning solution the goal was simply. Provide a safe alternative to ineffective and dangerous roof cleaning techniques.

How It Works

Our chemical solution is unique because it isolates and dissolves mildew without pressure washing or rinsing the roof.  This means no run-off.  When the solution is applied to the surface being cleaned it will separate the mildew spores from the surface and suspend them in a foaming material. At this point the mildew is chemically dissolved within seconds of application. There is no need to rinse and most roofs take less than an hour to complete. Additionally the solution also contains a mildicide that will leave behind a film that will prevent future mildew growth. Success, the safest and longest lasting roof cleaning available!

Cleaning at Its Finest With No Pressure Roof Cleaning

what's the difference?

Pressure Cleaning

Lets face it your roof wasn’t designed to withstand 4 thousand pounds of pressure. This will etch the surface of your roof making it faded and more porous. When your roof is more porous it takes longer to dry after rains and you get more mildew growth in shorter periods of time. This means more cleanings over the life of the roof, which results in leaks and ultimately shortens the life of your roof. Most Florida residents replace their roof between 20-25 years.  Most roofs come with 35-65 year warranties. Pressure washing destroys roofs.

Low Pressure Or Soft Wash

This is definitely a better alternative to pressure cleaning however it still has its flaws. With this type of cleaning high concentrations of dangerous chemicals are applied to the roof. The next step will be to use a lower pressure to rinse of the mildew. Remember mildew is a living organism very similar to the plants around your property. By rinsing the roof you expose the property to high concentrations of plant killing chemicals. Additionally this takes twice as long as our one step process resulting in increased liability and more chance of Brocken roof tiles.


As previously mentioned mildew is essentially a plant. Eco products are more about preventing mildew naturally. In other words it does not work on really dirty roofs. If it did it would not be environmentally friendly because mildew is as much a part of the environment as dolphins and panda bears. So be wary of company’s claiming to have environmentally friendly products. Especially if the company expects you to wait several weeks to see results.

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